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Transcript of Media Statement by Official Spokesperson in New York on Prime Minister's Bilateral Meetings with Presidents of Palestine and Mexico during his visit to USA (September 28,2015
September 29, 2015

Official Spokesperson (Shri Vikas Swarup): Prime Minister's last two engagements in New York before he leaves for New Delhi were bilateral meetings with His Excellency Mahmoud Abbas, the President of Palestine, and His Excellency Mr. Enrique Pena Nieto, the President of Mexico.

With the President of Palestine the Prime Minister alluded to the fact that our President was due to visit Palestine very shortly. Mr. Mahmoud Abbas said this was a very good development and everybody in Palestine was looking forward to the President's visit which would certainly add to the longstanding ties of friendship and cooperation between India and Palestine. In this context he referred specifically to the close personal relationship that had developed between the Indian leadership and Palestine from the time of PLO Chief Mr. Yasser Arafat.

There was also a substantive discussion on the whole phenomena of international terrorism in general and ISIS in particular. The President of Palestine said that a solution of the Palestinian issue would certainly help in reducing the salience of terrorist organizations like ISIS and would help wean away misguided youth from joining these organizations.

The Prime Minister said that India had always stood for peaceful negotiations to resolve the Middle East question. Prime Minister also sought the assistance of the President of Palestine in locating the 39 Indians who have been held hostage in Iraq and the few Indians who have recently been taken captive in Libya. Mr. Mahmoud Abbas said that his Government had been sharing regular information on this subject with Indian authorities and as and when more new information comes to light regarding the fate of these Indians, they would certainly share it with the Indian authorities so that we could try for their early release.

Insofar as the meeting with the President of Mexico is concerned, Mexico is an important country in Latin America. It is a very fast growing economy. It is also a major oil exporter. Prime Minister and the President of Mexico discussed ways and means of how the bilateral relationship could be strengthened even further. In this context they agreed that the two Foreign Ministers should meet early to finalise a plan of action for taking the bilateral relationship to a new level. Prime Minister invited President Nieto to visit India and in turn President Nieto invited Prime Minister to visit Mexico.

There was also a discussion on India's membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, MTCR and the other export control regimes where Prime Minister sought the support of President Nieto in expediting this. Prime Minister also sought Mexico's support on the whole issue of UN Security Council reform and India's permanent membership in a reformed and expanded Security Council.

Aaj Bharat ke Pradhan Mantri ne Philisitne ke Rasthrapati Mahmoud Abbasji ke saath mulaqaat ki. Mulaqaat ke dauran, jo 39 Bharatiya bandhak bana liye gaye hain Iraq mein aur jo kuchh Bharatiya Libya mein bandhak bana liye gaye hain un par charcha hui. Pradhan Mantri ne Abbasji se anurodh kiya ki unke paas is vishay mein jo kuchh bhi information available hai vo hamaare saarth share kiya jaye.

Philistine ke Rashtrapati ne kaha ki is vishay par Bharat aur Philistine ke adhikariyon ke beech mein lagaatar soochna ke aadan pradaan hota raha hai, aur jaise hi unhein koi naye tathya saamne aate hain in 39 Bharatiyon ke baare mein, kuchh aur hamein nayi jaankaari de sakein. Jahan tak unka khyal hai, yeh abhi tak zinda hain aur vahin bandhak banaaye gaye hain. Lekin unhon ne kaha jaise hi koi naye tathya aayenge, vo Bharatiya authorities ke saath share karenge taaki hum unki jaldi rihayi ke liye prayatna kar sakein.
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