Online three-month Hindi Awareness Course
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Online three-month Hindi Awareness Course

In order to remotely enhance learning opportunities in Hindi language to foreign nationals, the Representative Office of India, Ramallah is pleased to announce that the ICCR, in association with the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and Central Hindi Directorate (CHD), will conduct a 3-month online Hindi Awareness Course from 15th April, 2023. It will be held at 05:00 PM (IST) on Wednesday and Saturday every week.
The total fees being charged by IGNOU/CHD for the course is US$50 per student, ICCR will bear 70% of the fee, i.e. US$ 35 per students, the remaining US$ 15 will have to be borne by the students themselves.

The link to attend the programme will be shared upon registering for the same in due course of time. Those interested may send their willingness and details (name, contact number, email, qualification, profession, etc.) to emails:
hoc.ramallah@mea.gov.in / cons.ramallah@mea.gov.in positively by 16th March  2023.

Certificates will be issued by IGNOU on successful completion of the course.
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