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Academic proficiency in English language is an absolute imperative. So please do not, repeat NOT, nominate candidates whose ability to read, write, comprehend, understand, and speak English is questionable except when the training program is itself intended to develop this skill (for courses to learn English)

The nominating organization may kindly ensure that the candidates once selected do not opt out, either for reasons of administrative exigencies or personal emergencies (in such cases, the candidate must return the entire cost of training to ITEC Division), except in cases where the personal emergency is of grave consequence. In the past years, we have had candidates opting out, after their selection, due to a festival or marriage in their family. This is taken adverse note of by the authorities of the Government of India.

Candidates may be forewarned of differences in weather conditions, or culture, language, cuisine, etc. They may be also conveyed that while the cash allowance is adequate for subsistence, they may wish to supplement, should they be inclined.

Due care must be taken to ensure that information sought in the application form is provided correctly.

Candidates who have availed of an ITEC slot in the past cannot repeat NOT be nominated again.

Who can apply:

. Employees and officials in Government, Private and Public Sector, Parastatals, Universities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

. Having 5 years minimum work experience

. Applicants who are between the age group of 25 to 45 years.

. Who are medically fit.

Eligibility criteria for admission to courses

. Candidates must meet the required academic qualifications as laid down by the Institute for the selected Course.

. Candidates must have proper knowledge of English to follow the Course (except for courses to learn English).


Government of India will bear the following expenses for the selected candidate:

. Return international airfare by excursion/ economy class

. Course fees

. Accommodation , hostel (depending on availability, it could be on single or sharing basis) or hotel in case of non-availability of hostel accommodation.

. Living Allowance @ Rs. 25,000/- per month. Candidates are, among other things, expected to meet the expenditure for their meals from this amount.

Nomination by any agency/organization/ functionary of the Palestine National Authority does not necessarily imply endorsement of the nomination by the Representative Office of India. Similarly, nomination by the Representative Office of India does not necessarily imply selection of the nominee by the Government of India. Suitable candidates would be nominated and the selected candidates would be informed.

Important note:

Two complete application forms along with two photos, photocopy of valid passport, photocopy of educational certificate and nomination letter from employer/organization must be handed over to the Representative Office of India at least two months before the actual starting date of the training course. Any late application will not be considered. It may be noted that all columns of the application form should be completely filled.

Upon selection, the Embassy/High Commission of India will inform the concerned nodal Department/Agency who will in turn inform the applicant. Selected candidates are required to fully familiarize themselves regarding living conditions in India and the Institutes through the websites of the concerned Institute. Decision for grant of scholarship rests solely with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

The medical certificate will only be acceptable if it is from a doctor/hospital/nursing home/clinic that is recognized by the UN Agencies.

Further information and doubts can be addressed to the following functionaries of the Representative Office of India, Ramallah:

1. Ms. Asma Shaheen (Consular Officer)

Tel: 02-2903033/4        Ext.: 201  

2. Mr. Mohammad Eisa Abu Shamsieh (Public Relations Officer)

Tel: 02-2903033/4        Ext.: 206   

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