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How to Apply

Step 1: Apply online for the right category of visa based on the purpose of your visit (please refer to Documents and Forms). The website for filling up the online form is www.indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa 

Step 2: Please submit the completed application form at the Representative Office of India, Ramallah, with the following:

  1. Print out of the completed application form.
  2. Two photographs (4cm x 4cm), showing the face clearly, against a light background
  3. Passport with a minimum validity of six months from the date of application and at least two blank pages.
  4. Supporting documents (please refer to Documents and Forms)
  5. Prescribed fees in cash (please refer to Documents and Forms).

Step 3: The visa application is processed in 3-5 working days.

Step 4: At the time of collection of passport, please carry the Invoice cum Receipt issued by the Representative Office of India, Ramallah. If a representative is designated to collect the passport, then the representative needs to produce an authorization letter signed by the applicant, Invoice cum Receipt and a photographic Identity card of the representative. Applicants should check their visa upon receipt and report any inaccuracies immediately.

Documents and Forms
Please note the following:

  1. The validity of the visa (e.g. 6 months, 1 year) begins from the date of issue and not from the date of travel.
  2. Change of visa category is not permitted after reaching India.
  3. All foreigners who intend to stay in India for more than 180 days continuously should register themselves with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in India. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section for further details.
  4. Tourist Visa cannot be extended at all. Other categories of Visa holders seeking extension are advised to apply well in advance of the expiry of the visa at the FRRO.
  5. Visa fee is accepted only in cash and is not refundable. Visa fees vary according to nationality of the applicant.

Visa Application Forms
Please click on the following link for the online visa application: www.indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa.

Visa Types, Duration, Supporting Documents and Fees*

Tourist Visa

Purpose: Tourism or visiting family/friends

Supporting documents: Ticket and Hotel bookings (and/or any other document as asked by the Representative Office of India, Ramallah).

Duration: 2-6 months from the date of issue (not from the date of entry).

Visa Fees

Up to 01 year


NIS 370


More than 01 year

NIS 730



Business Visa

Purpose: Business

Supporting Documents:

  1. A letter on the letter head of the Palestinian company, giving company profile, designation of the applicant, purpose and tentative dates of visit.A certificate from the Chambers of Commerce & Industry regarding its registration.
  2. Invitation letter from the Indian business counterpart, with name and passport details of the applicant, purpose and dates of visit.

Duration: Maximum - Multiple entry (up to one year). Each stay not to exceed 180 days.

Visa Fees

Up to 1 Year

NIS  440

More than 1 year

NIS 910


Employment & Project Visa

Purpose: For resident employment in India
Supporting Documents:

  1. Signed employment contract, which gives details of employment, duration and other terms and conditions.
  2. Curriculum Vitae of the applicant.
  3. Certificate of incorporation of the employer company

Duration: Maximum period of one year. Extension of employment visa, if required, has to be sought in India.

Visa Fees

Up to 6 Months

NIS 3580



06 Months - 01 year

NIS 3730



More than 01 year

NIS 4010




Student Visa

Purpose: For those who are admitted to a recognized Indian College / University
Supporting Documents:

  1. Admission letter from recognized Indian Institution in the name of the applicant, giving dates, title and duration of the course.
  2. Documents to prove financial adequacy to cover expenses during stay in India.

Duration: Depends on the duration of the course.

Visa Fees

For the duration of the course or 05 years, whichever is less

NIS 300



Research Visa

Purpose: To pursue research in recognized educational institutes.
Supporting Documents:
Details of the proposed research and financial arrangements for research including local costs.
Duration: Depends on the duration of the research.
Note: The processing time for this visa is between two to four months.

Visa Fees

Up to 06 Months

NIS 300


06 Months - 01 year

NIS 440


More than 01 year

NIS 730



Journalist Visa

Purpose: Journalists traveling to India for any purpose are given Journalist Visa. E.g. Journalist going for tourism is issued Journalist (Tourist) Visa.
Supporting Documents:

  1. Detailed letter from the Palestinian media agency/ company with an introduction of the journalist, purpose, dates of visit etc.
  2. Please fill in a separate application form, and submit list of equipment to be carried to India, in case the applicant wishes to make a film or documentary in India.

 Duration: Normally, for a period of three months. Under special circumstances, period of more than three months is granted.

Up to 06 Months

NIS 300



Medical Visa & Medical Attendant Visa

Purpose:To seek medical treatment in established/recognized specialized hospitals/ treatment centers in India.

Supporting Documents: Production of return ticket and financial adequacy to cover expenses during the stay in India including medical expenses.

Duration: One year or the period of treatment, whichever is less. This can be further extended up to one year by FRRO on production of requisite papers.

Visa Fees

Up to 06 Months

NIS 300

06 Months - 01 year

NIS 440


Conference / Seminar Visa

Purpose: To attend a conference/seminar/workshop being organized in India.

Supporting Documents: Invitation to a conference/ seminar/workshop being organized in India.

Duration: Depends on the duration of the conference, subject to a maximum of 6 months.

Visa Fees

Up to 06 Months

NIS 300


Entry Visa


Grounds for Granting the Visa:
a. Non-Indian Spouse of Indian national; or
b. Spouse of foreigners visiting India on business/employment; or
c. Foreigners of Indian origin visiting India.

Supporting Documents:

  1. Marriage certificate for (a) above.
  2. Copy of the business/employment visa of the spouse and marriage certificate for (b) above.
  3. Proof of Indian origin for (c) above.

Duration: Up to one year for (a) and (c) above. Co-terminus with the expiry of the business/employment visa of the spouse for (b) above.


Visa Fees


Up to 6 Months

NIS 300 

06 Months - 01 year

NIS 440

More than 1 Year

NIS 730

Intern Visa

Purpose: Internship in Indian company/educational institutions and NGO’s.

Supporting Documents: Letter from Indian company/educational institute/NGO concerned sponsoring the foreign national for internship program.

Duration: Maximum one year.

Up to 01 Year

NIS 300

Film Visa

Purpose:To shoot a feature film/ reality TV show and/or commercial TV serials.

Supporting Documents: Approval from Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India to shoot the film.

Duration: Maximum one year..

Up to 01 Year

NIS 440

Transit Visas

Up to 15 Days / Single or Double Entry

NIS 80

Steps to fill up Visa Application

  1. Go to our official website www.roiramallah.org & open the visa information service then fill online line application form or you can directly go to www.indianvisaonline.gov.in
    2. Read instructions to fill the application carefully
    3. Select Indian Mission - For e.g. those who are filling visa form from Palestine will have to click- Palestine.
    4. Fill up the application form of "Online Indian Visa form" dates as suggested format and keep moving ahead.
    5. Click- Continue next page to into the next page of the form
    6. Click- Next page again.
    7. 'PHOTO UPLOAD (can skip if unable to upload in 3 attempts).
    8. Then, Click- Continue to next page.
    9. Verify all the entries (spelling exactly as in passport, dates etc.), if correct, Click- Verified & Continue
    10. After filling the form and submitting it, the system shall
    automatically generate a File number.
    11. Take a printout, attach 2 passport size similar photos and sign below and sign on the 2nd page and submit the same with all the documents and visa fee in cash as per required visa.

Important note: Applicants need to submit all passports if they have more than one passport. 

List of Consular Holidays

Contact Information of Foreigners Registration Officers in India

New Delhi

Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO)

1st Floor, Hans Bhavan

Bahadur Shah ZafarMarg

Near ITO, New Delhi

Phone: 011-23319489/23755183/25652389

FRRO & Deputy Commissioner of Police

Special Branch -II (CID)



Phone: 022-22621169/22620721/28350098

Chief Immigration Officer

ShastryBhavan Annexe

26, Haddows Road



Phone: 044-28277036/22340589

S.P. (Immigration and CID)

Interrogation Centre

PCP Attari Rail Mal Mandi



Phone: 0183-225456/227605/382630

DIG (Border)

Intelligence Branch

13-Lord Singh Road



Phone: 033-22470549/25528830


At other places, the Superintendents of Police (SP) of the Districts are Registration Officers for Foreigners

The registration officer would issue a Certificate of Registration.  The foreigner should surrender these certificates at the office where they are registered or of the place where they intend to depart or to the immigration officer at the port/check post of exit from India.  If the certificate is surrendered to other than the immigration officer at the port/check post of exit, the foreigners should produce the receipt indicating such surrender of the document to the immigration officer at the post/check post or exit

Registration is required to be done only once within the stipulated period, even though he/she may go out of India on multiple entry facility during the validity of the visa.  Only if he/she enters India on a new visa will he/she be required to register again.


Visa Enquiry

Consular Section

Representative Office of India


Tel: 00970-2-2903034/6


email: cons.ramallah@mea.gov.in

Website: http://www.roiramallah.gov.in/

Facebook: : https://www.facebook.com/IndiaInPalestine

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